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The official map of Portugal for visitors

Turismo de Portugal is the national tourism authority of Portugal. Its main task is to promote the country as an attractive travel destination and to support the tourism sector.

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The federal states of Portugal are called DISTRICTS

The districts ( Distritos ) serve as the basis for further territorial subdivision into Concelhos and Freguesias .

Since 1976, Portugal has been divided into 18 districts and 2 autonomous island regions (Azores and Madeira).

The 18 districts are in turn divided into 308 Concelhos (= main municipalities) and these in turn include 4257 Freguesias (sub-municipalities).

 Map of the 18 districts of Portugal

Distrito de Aveiro - District Capital =  Aveiro

Distrito de Beja --District Capital =  Beja

Distrito de Braga  - District Capital ---> Braga 

Distrito de Bragança District Capital =  Bragança

Distrito de Castelo Branco--District Capital =  Castelo Branco

Distrito de Coimbra--District Capital =  Coimbra

Distrito de Évora--District Capital = Évora

Distrito de Faro (Algarve)   District Capital = Faro 

Distrito da Guarda--District Capital = Guarda

Distrito de Leiria -District Capital = Leiria

Distrito de Lisboa--District Capital = Lissabon

Distrito de Portalegre-District Capital   = Portalegre

Distrito do Porto--- District Capital = Porto

Distrito de Santarém---District Capital = Santarém

Distrito de Setúbal--District Capital = Setúbal

Distrito de Viana do Castelo  -District Capital  --->  Viana do Castelo

Distrito de Vila Real--District Capital   = Vila Real

Distrito de Viseu--District Capital -= Viseu

Portugal map of the 18 districts
Portugal map of the 18 districts

Districts and district capitals in Portugal

Portugal districts with district capitals
Portugal districts with district capitals

Old and new names - risk of confusion

The names of the 18 districts of Portugal mentioned above are not always used in everyday life.

The following names are often still used today for the various regions of the country: Entre Douro e Minho ---Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro --- Beira Litoral - Beira Interior -- Extremadura e Ribatejo --- Lisboa e Setúbal -- - Alentejo --- Algarve.

Portugal has a history of almost 1,000 years, so it is not surprising that the structure of the country has continually changed and adapted depending on political trends. 

 →  Angaben zu der aktuell verwendeten Verwaltungsgliederung Portugals finden sie hier.

The regions of Portugal

  • North region
  • Porto region
  • Center region
  • Lisbon region and the valley of the Tejo river (= Ribatejo)
  • South Region (Alentejo - Costa Vincentina)
  • Algarve region
  • Madeira region
  • Azores region
Die Regionen in Portugal
Die Regionen in Portugal

Map of Portugal islands of Madeira & Acores

Interactive map of Portugal