Porto Metro

Porto subway

The Porto Metro is an efficient and modern transport system that connects the city and its suburbs.

There are a total of six subway lines that serve the entire city.

  1. Line A (blue) runs from Estádio do Dragão to Senhor de Matosinhos station and covers many important attractions such as Bolhão Market and Casa da Música.
  2. Line B (red) runs from Estádio do Drago to Póvoa de Varzim and provides a connection to the coast and popular beaches.
  3. Line C (green) connects Campanhã station to the municipality of ISMAI and is particularly useful for commuters and students who want to reach the university.
  4. Line D (yellow) runs from Hospital São João to the center of Gaia, providing a convenient way to commute between the two cities.
  5. Line E (purple) connects Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport with the historic city center of Porto.
  6. The F (orange) line connects the Mercado do Porto with the municipality of Fânzeres and offers an alternative route through the city.

The subway routes in Porto are well developed and offer a fast and reliable transport option. The trains are modern, clean and comfortable. 

Porto Metro: route network

The rechargeable ticket - Andante

The Andante card is a reloadable card and costs 60 cents. You buy the card at the machine. You can then load trips onto the map.

Die Metro Karte " Andante"
Die Metro Karte " Andante"

The Andante ticket is a ticket system used for public transport in the Porto region. It is an electronic ticket that can be used on various modes of transport such as buses, trams and the subway.

The Andante ticket can be purchased as either a single or multi-trip ticket. With the single-journey ticket you can make a single journey on the selected route, while the multi-journey ticket is valid for several journeys within a certain period of time. There are also daily, weekly and monthly passes for commuters or longer stays.

The Andante ticket is easy to use. One must purchase the ticket before the start of the journey from appropriate ticket machines or sales points available in metro stations, bus stations and other public transport hubs. There is also the option to use the Andante chip on a contactless card to easily top up and use the ticket.

It is important to keep the Andante ticket throughout the journey as it can be shown during checks. The ticket is non-transferable and must be presented upon request to the control staff.

Where do you buy the Andante ticket?

 At vending machines at all stations of the network - Andante stores - Andante points of sale - STCP service points - CP points of sale with Andante sales - Mobility Center

The card is only valid for 1 person. Be careful not to damage, scratch or wet the card. The card is reusable. Don't waste €0.60. 

Use of the Andante Card

 Important: Before you start your journey, you must validate your ticket.

There are yellow "validators" in all stations that you can use before accessing traffic. Validate your ticket no more than 10 minutes before departure and at the station where you will board. This is independent of your ticket and applies to every change of vehicle. 

The Andante zone system 

The Andante zoning system is used to determine public transport prices and fares in the Porto region. It divides the area into different zones, and the price of the ticket depends on how many zones you cross.

The zones are staggered according to distance and journey time. Zone 1 is the narrowest zone around Porto city center, while Zone 6 covers the outermost suburbs and towns.

When purchasing an Andante ticket, the price is calculated based on the zones crossed. The more zones you cross, the higher the ticket price. It is important to know which zones you pass through for the planned route in order to buy the right ticket.

The zone assignment for various means of transport such as subways, buses and trams is uniform. This means that you can travel on different modes of transport with the same Andante ticket, as long as you stay within the same zones.

At each station you can also count the number of zones by consulting the target list. The Andante zones are not arranged concentrically, which makes the system a little more complicated.

The Andante Tour

Visit Porto and travel unlimited on the entire Andante transport network. Simply select the number of days for which you would like to benefit from this tariff. 

Andante Tour Ticket
Andante Tour Ticket

The Andante Tour card is a special local transport card available in the Porto region that offers travelers access to public transport for tourist purposes. It is particularly intended for visitors and tourists who want to explore the sights and attractions of the region.

The Andante Tour card is available as a 24-hour day ticket or for 3 days, which is valid for the entire period from the time of first use. With this card you can use the subway, buses and trams in zones 1 to 6 without restrictions.

Metro Porto timetable

With the practical app you can plan your trip and make the most of public transport in Porto

The app Anda

The app makes it easy, quick and convenient to use public transport in the Porto metropolitan area via the Andante system (SIA). It is available for Android mobile devices that use version 5.0 or later and are equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth. To use the app you simply need to download it from the Google Play Store.

Porto Metro prices

The Andante Azul ticket

The Andante Azul ticket is a popular option for commuters:

- It's a non-personalized, rechargeable paper ticket.

- Only one individual travel title type can be held at a time (e.g., you can't mix Z2 and Z3 titles).

- Multiple titles of the same type can be stored simultaneously (e.g., ten Z2 titles).

- You must deplete the ticket before loading a new title.

- Each ticket costs 0.60 EUR.

Travel titles are timed and zone-specific, based on where you start your journey. The cost and duration of travel vary by zone:

- Z2: 1.40 EUR per title, 14.00 EUR for 10+1 titles bundle, with a maximum trip duration of 1 hour.

- Z3: 1.80 EUR; 18.00 EUR for 10+1; 1-hour maximum.

- Z4: 2.25 EUR; 22.50 EUR for 10+1; 1 hour 15 minutes maximum.

- Z5: 2.75 EUR; 27.50 EUR for 10+1; 1 hour 30 minutes maximum.

- Z6: 3.20 EUR; 32.00 EUR for 10+1; 1 hour 45 minutes maximum.

- Z7: 3.65 EUR; 36.50 EUR for 10+1; 2 hours maximum.

- Z8: 4.10 EUR; 41.00 EUR for 10+1; 2 hours 15 minutes maximum.

- Z9: 4.55 EUR; 45.50 EUR for 10+1; 2 hours 30 minutes maximum.

Prices are valid from 1st January 2023 and include taxes.

The summary does not specify where to buy these tickets, but typically, they can be purchased at transit stations, kiosks, and sometimes online or through mobile applications.

The ANDANTE 24 ticket 

The ANDANTE 24 ticket offers 24-hour unlimited travel within selected zones after the first validation:

- It's a non-personalized, rechargeable paper ticket.

- One ticket is needed per traveler.

- The ticket can hold only one travel title type (e.g., only Z2 or Z3, but not both).

- Each ticket purchase is subject to a 0.60 EUR fee.

- The travel titles are zone-specific, determined by the zone of initial validation and are valid for a set duration depending on the included areas.

Before traveling, confirm the number of zones your journey will encompass. The pricing for a 24-hour pass in each zone after January 1st, 2024 is as follows (all prices in Euros, with taxes included):

- Z2: 5.15 EUR

- Z3: 6.65 EUR

- Z4: 8.30 EUR

- Z5: 9.90 EUR

- Z6: 11.80 EUR

- Z7: 13.45 EUR

- Z8: 15.10 EUR

- Z9: 16.70 EUR

Be sure to validate your ticket at the departure station to ensure it covers the required zones for your trip.

The Andante Tour tickets  

The Andante Tour tickets are designed specifically for visitors to Porto, with the following features:

- These are regular, non-rechargeable tickets.

- They provide unlimited travel within the entire ANDANTE network for the time duration of the chosen ticket.

- Passengers need to select the number of days they plan to travel when purchasing the ticket.

There are two Andante Tour ticket options:

1. Andante Tour 1:

- Valid for 24 hours starting from the time of the first validation.

- The price for this ticket is 7,50 EUR.

2. Andante Tour 3:

- Valid for 72 hours from the time of the first validation.

- The price for this ticket is 16,00 EUR.

These tickets are convenient for tourists who wish to explore Porto and use public transportation frequently over a short duration without the need to recharge their tickets.