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What is the weather like in Lisbon in April?

The weather in Lisbon in April is pleasantly warm, but still unsettled. The saying also applies in Portugal: April does what it wants. With a bit of luck you will have summery, warm and cloudless days, but it can also suddenly become cool, rainy and windy again. In addition to the T-shirt, it is still advisable to have a sweater and jacket with you if you are planning a visit to Lisbon in April.

The temperature in Lisbon in April: Lisbon now has an average maximum temperature of around 20 ° C. It is pleasant when the sun is shining, at night the temperatures drop to 14 ° C or sometimes below.

The sea temperature in February in April: if you want to swim or surf in the sea, you need a wetsuit, because the water temperature in April is still only 15 ° C.

Rainy days in Lisbon in April: There are slightly more rainy days than in the previous month, on average there are now 6 rainy days.

Sunny days in Lisbon in April: You can expect around 13 hours of daylight. On about 60% of the days in April the sun shines with little or no clouds.

Average high and low temperature in April in Lisbon

Lisbon has an average maximum daytime temperature of around 20°C in April. At night the temperatures drop to around 12 °C 

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Sardine fishermen on the Costa da Caparica near Lisbon

Daily chance of precipitation in Lisbon in April

In April, spring temperatures are pleasant. The weather can still be changeable. There are one or two rainy days.

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Water temperature in Lisbon in Aprill

The water temperature of the Atlantic Ocean near Lisbon in April is around 15 C

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