Madeira black scabbardfish

The black scabbardfish from Madeira – a delicious specialty

The black scabbardfish (Aphanopus carbo) is one of Madeira's most important food fish and is native to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean - in a depth of 200 to 2000 m. Its elongated, slender body gives it an unmistakable appearance: black on the outside and white on the inside. The tender, juicy meat is a special culinary delight. Whether cut into pieces or prepared as a fillet - the black scabbardfish is simply a delight. Don't miss this exclusive and delicate taste experience!

How to eat the black scabbardfish in Madeira?

There are numerous recipes for preparing black scabbardfish (peixe espada). One of the most famous methods in Madeira is to serve the scabbardfish with banana (see recipes below). The black scabbardfish does not have a pronounced fishy taste and its tender and low-fat meat makes it ideal for dietary cuisine.

black scabbardfish - peixe espada preto
black scabbardfish - peixe espada preto

Das Meer bei Madeira

Catching the scabbardfish in Madeira

What is the black scabbardfish called in Madeira? - - Peixe espada preto

peixe = fish, espada = sword, preto = black

Black Scabbardfish recipes

cabbardfish with passion fruit sauce and fried bananas

Scabbardfish stew

Fried scabbardfish

Preparation of the scabbardfish

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