The best beaches of Portugal

The Portuguese Atlantic coast

The Portuguese Atlantic coast attracts travelers for its diversity of landscapes and its 943 km in length. It is characterized by a wide variety of beaches, cliffs, estuaries, salt marshes, lagoons, bays and isolated islands - a paradise for beach and nature lovers.

Portugal's coastal regions are structured differently and have different climates: colder and rainier in the north, hotter and drier in the south of the Algarve , which attracts many locals, especially in summer.

Water temperatures remain cool even in summer, i.e. around 20 degrees, which is typical for the Atlantic without a warm Gulf Stream. However, the coastline stands out for its natural landscapes, refreshing breezes and excellent conditions for water sports. During the summer months the entire coast is attractive as a holiday destination, whilst in winter the Algarve attracts with its mild climate and less rain.

In addition to beach vacations, travelers can also experience cultural and natural beauty not far from the beaches. The Portuguese Atlantic coast thus promises a varied and enriching travel experience.

Lagos - Algarve

The best time for a beach holiday in Portugal

Portugal benefits from a temperate climate characterized by well-defined seasons. If the summer months are characterized by heat and drought, winters are colder and rainier, especially in the north of the country.

The intermediate periods of the year – spring and autumn – are characterized by a pleasantly mild climate and are less frequented by tourists. These periods are considered ideal windows of time to discover the various facets of Portugal in complete tranquility.

The summer sun brings life and dynamism to the coastal strips, especially in the Algarve region, where the beaches transform into lively meeting points.

Furthermore, the country is recommended for adventurers at any time of year. Whether it's beach walks, surfing, cycling, golf, hiking, cultural discovery tours or exploring nature.

The most beautiful beaches in Portugal

There are more than 530 sea beaches in Portugal - we have made a selection of the most beautiful beaches for you

  1. Praia de Moledo
  2. Praia do Cabedelo
  3. São Jacinto Beach
  4. Mira beach
  5. Nazare Beach
  6. Praia da Foz do Arelho
  7. Praia da Berlenga Grande
  8. Praia Baleal - Sul
  9. Praia de Ribeira d'Ilhas
  10. Ursa Beach
  11. Praia do Guincho
  12. Carcavelos beach
  13. Costa da Caparica
  14. Fonte da Telha
  15. Praia da Lagoa de Albufeira-Mar
  16. Beach California
  17. Praia do Portinho da Arrábida
  18. Galapos beach
  19. Praia da Comporta
  20. Praia de São Torpes
  21. Praia da Samoqueira
  22. Praia da Franquia
  23. Furnas Beach
  24. Praia do Almograve
  25. Cavaleiro Beach
  26. Beach Alteirinhos
  27. Odeceixe Mar Beach
  28. Praia da Amoreira
  29. Praia da Arrifana
  30. Praia do Burgau
  31. Praia do Camilo
  32. Praia Dona Ana
  33. Praia de Alvor
  34. Praia do Alemão
  35. Praia da Rocha
  36. Marinha Beach
  37. Praia de Armação de Pera
  38. Praia Sao Rafael
  39. Praia da Falésia
  40. Culatra Island
  41. Praia do Barril
  42. Praia da Ilha de Tavira
  43. Cacela Velha Beach

Costa de Caparica - Lisboa