About us

Our Mission

The mission of PortugalExpert is to provide accurate and reliable Information about Portugal. We want to contribute to a sustainable growth of the tourism sector in the country, relying on local resources and local know how.

Our Story

Founder of PortugalExpert is Günter Dietz. Born in Germany, he lived and worked most of his career in lusophone countries such as Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and Portugal. The website www.PortugalExpert.de started in 2019 and shown a continuous growth in visitors since.

Our Services

PortugalExpert is based in Lisbon. We offer access to free information about relevant topics for visitors to Portugal. We finance this service trough advertisement and small commission & fees from affiliate partners.

Our commitment: 

We support the national policy and strategies of Turismo de Portugal. We support sustainable tourism with emphasis on protection of the environment and participation of regional and local economies.