Lisbon Metro

The 4 lines of the metro in Lisbon

The Blue Line
The line runs from Santa Apolónia station to Reboleira.

The Yellow Line

It runs from Rato in the old town to the suburb of Odivelas.

The Red Line
It runs from the airport to São Sebastião. Visitors on the way from the airport to the old town of Lisbon have to change once in Alameda.

The Green Line
The Green Line runs from Cais do Sodré to Telheiras. 

Metro Lisbon Airport 

The metro connection to Lisbon airport

The metro station is located right at the airport building, right next to Terminal 1. It is the easiest way to get to Lisbon's old town. You take the red line and have to change once in Alameda if you want to go to the old town.

Lisbon Airport Metro Station
Lisbon Airport Metro Station

Lisbon Metro opening hours & travel times

The Lisbon subway works daily from 6:30 in the morning to 1:00 at night (including weekends and public holidays)

The local transport companies in Lisbon 

Local transport in Lisbon is operated by two independent companies:

  1. Carris company operates all public bus lines, trams and elevators.
  2. The Metropolitano de Lisboa company operates the Lisbon metro

The "Lisboa Card" is valid with both operating companies and is therefore a good choice for visitors. With the LisboaCard you can use the metro, buses, trams and elevators of the Carris transport company for free. 

Alternatively, you can zap with the reloadable Viva viagem Card to pay for Carris (bus, tram) and the metro.

Lisbon Metro ticket purchase

Where do you buy metro tickets?

Metro tickets are available from one of the ticket machines or at the counter . Unfortunately the counters are often closed. But don't worry, because the ticket machines are easy to use and the individual steps are presented in several languages.

Lisbon Metro - tickets, fares and prices

The Lisbon metro offers single tickets, multiple tickets and day tickets.

The price for a single ticket is €1.80 and is valid for 1 hour. Tickets can be purchased from the machines. Day tickets are certainly the best option for those who want to use the subway several times a day.

Metro Lisbon prices (2024)
Metro Lisbon prices (2024)

Day tickets Metro Lisbon

There are 3 different types of day tickets:

Carris/Metro: This ticket is valid for 24 hours and offers unlimited travel on all public transport in Lisbon. The cost is €6.80.

Carris/Metro/Transtejo (Cacilhas): This ticket is valid for 24 hours and offers an unlimited number of trips on the Carris, Metro and Transtejo transport services. The cost is €9.80. This means that boat trips across the Tejo River are included.

Carris/Metro/CP: This ticket is valid for 24 hours and offers an unlimited number of trips on the Carris, Metro and CP transport services (Sintra, Cascais, Azambuja and Sado lines). The cost is € 10.80. This means that train journeys to Cascais and Sintra are included.

The Viva Viagem rechargeable card

The Lisbon metro ticket 

How does the Viva Viagem card work? 

The Viva Viagem card is a reloadable electronic card that works by approaching contactless validators.

Where can you buy the card? - In the metro, the Viva Viagem Card is available for purchase and top-up at machines and points of sale. Always keep the proof of loading on your ticket and always bring it with you with your card. You may need it in case of exchange or card error.

How much does the Viva Viagem card cost? 

- The Viva Viagem card costs €0.50 (and can be used to top up for one year. The fare is added) 

What types of train/subway tickets are there?

  • Day ticket (24h) train/subway;
  • Day ticket (24h);
  • Train/Subway/Transtejo (Cacilhas);
  • Day ticket (24h);
  • Rail/Subway/CP;
  • Travel zapping from all participating providers.

How to use the Viva card?

- Once topped up, the Viva Viagem card is ready for use. Simply bring it near the validator, wait for the doors to open and go through. The Viva Viagem card is a single card, meaning it cannot be used in groups, even if loaded with multiple titles.

How long is the card expiration date?

- Viva Viagem cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. They can receive as many top-ups as they want during the validity period. Once the expiry date has passed, they can no longer be topped up until the credit is used up.

How can I check the number of trips remaining on the Viva card?

In Metro you can check the balance of your card or the number of tickets you have loaded at the machines and points of sale.

What is Zapping?

When zapping, you top up your Viva viagem card with credit (i.e. paid in advance) that can be used for multiple transportation providers. 

Take the metro to the train and bus stations in Lisbon

In about ten minutes from the airport you can take the metro from the airport to Oriente train station.

Regional and high-speed intercity trains run from Estação do Oriente station to national and international destinations.

Other train stations in Lisbon: Santa Apolonia, Entrecampos, Sete Rios

City railway: Cais de Sodere, Rossio