Madeira beaches and pools

The natural (seawater) pools in Madeira

The island of Madeira offers a unique swimming opportunity: the natural swimming pools and lava pools. These natural pools are a perfect place to cool off and relax on a tour of the island while enjoying the views of the Atlantic Ocean and the island's mountains and cliffs. 

Here you can find out where the natural pools are on the island of Madeira

Discover the advantages of natural pools with sea water - swim in crystal clear water, enjoy the waves like on a sea beach

  1. Doca do Cavacas Natural Pools
  2. Ponta Gorda Lido
  3. Lido bathing complex
  4. Praia de São Tiago
  5. Barreirinha Lido
  6. Roca Mar Hotel
  7. Aquaparque Madeira
  8. Piscinas de Ribeira da Boaventura
  9. Lido Galomar
  10. Complexo Balnear do Caniçal
  11. Piscina do Porto da Cruz
  12. Complexo Balnear da Foz da Ribeira do Faial
  13. Complexo Balnear do Calhau de S. Jorge
  14. Piscina de Ponta Delgada
  15. Seixal -Natural public swimming pool
  16. Piscinas Naturais do Seixal
  17. Piscinas Naturais Velhas
  18. Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools
  19. Jardim do Mar Promenade
  20. Complexo Balnear do Calhau de S. Jorge
  21. Piscinas Municipais Da Ribeira Brava
  22. Complexo Balnear das Salinas

Porto Moniz lava pools

The ultimate bathing pleasure for young and old

The Porto Moniz Lava Pools are unique natural bathtubs formed from the hot, mineral-rich ejecta layers of volcanoes. The lava pools are now filled with sea water and ensure a relaxing swim amidst the breathtaking nature of the island of Madeira. The Porto Moniz is about an hour's drive from Funchal and is a popular destination for tourists vacationing on the island. The lava pools have changing rooms, showers and good other facilities. Ideally, the visit should be combined with a tour of the northern part of the island