The highest mountains in Portugal

Pico Mountain in Acores

Hey there, adventurous spirit!

If you're craving some peak experiences, Portugal's got you covered with its stunning mountain ranges that rise proudly under that big blue sky. Ready to hear about the top contenders that'll absolutely elevate your holiday? Let's hit those heights!

First up, let's give a warm shoutout to Serra da Estrela – the star of the show. This beauty isn't just the highest mountain range in mainland Portugal; it's a natural playground that reaches a breathtaking 1,993 meters at its peak, Torre. Skiing in Portugal? Yep, it's here in the winter. And in the warmer months, the lush landscapes turn into perfect trails for hikers and picnickers.

Not far behind, you've got Serra do Gerês, part of the splendid Peneda-Gerês National Park. It's a haven for wildlife, dramatic granite cliffs, and ancient traditions. The trek to the top rewards you with serene lakes and a chance to dive into traditional villages that feel like they've been paused in time.

Don't forget Serra de Montesinho, tucked away in the northeast. Here, nature whispers secrets of a pristine ecosystem, with rolling hills and clear streams. It may not claim the "highest" title, but it stands tall with its rich biodiversity and traditional hamlets.

And how about Pico, on the Azores? Oh, it's not just any mountain—it's the pinnacle of Portugal! This volcano, reaching 2,351 meters, is the highest point of Portugal, including the islands. Climbing Pico is like walking on the moon, with its otherworldly landscapes and jaw-dropping views across the Atlantic.

So, whether you're looking to scale the heights, breathe in the freshest of airs, or simply soak up panoramic vistas that'll make you feel on top of the world, Portugal's peaks are calling. Are you ready to answer the call and add a dash of altitude to your next Portugese getaway? Let's reach new heights together

Map of the highest mountains in Portugal

including driving directions

  1. Serra da Estrela 1993 m
  2. Serra do Gerês - 1548 m
  3. Serra do Larouco - 1536 m
  4. Montesinho Natural Park - 1486 m
  5. Serra do Açor - 1418 m
  6. Serra do Soajo - 1416 m
  7. Serra do Marão - 1416 m
  8. Montemuro - 1381 m
  9. Serra Amarela - 1359 m
  10. Cabeco do Gondufo - 1342 m
  11. Serra do Alvão - 1330 m
  12. Serra de Nogueira - 1320 m
  13. Outeiro Alvo - 1314
  14. Serra do Barroso - 1279 m
  15. Serra da Coroa - 1273 m
  16. Serra da Cabreira - 1262 m
  17. Gardunha - 1227 m
  18. Serra de Bigorne - 1210 m
  19. Serra da Lousã - 1205
  20. Serra de Bornes - 1199 m
  21. Serra das Torrinheiras - 1191 m
  22. Serra de Leiranco - 1155 m
  23. Serra da Padrela - 1148 m
  24. Serra da Falperra - 1134 m
  25. Serra do Caramulo - 1076 m
  26. Candal - 1053 m
  27. Serra de Santa Comba - 1041 m
  28. Serra de Montejunto - 666 m
  29. Serra de São Mamede - 1227 m
  30. Covão do Milho - 679 m
  31. Serra da Arrabida - Pico do Formosinho - 501 m
  32. Serra de Ossa - 553 m
  33. Serra do Caldeirão - 589 m
  34. Serra do Monchique - Fóia -90

Mount Pico - Azores - The highest mountain in Portugal