Porto to Lisbon train


Travelling from Porto to Lisbon by train

How far is Porto from Lisbon? 

Porto and Lisbon are about 300 km apart. The train journey takes between 3 and 4 hours.

Starting point: Campanha train station in Porto

Porto Campanhã is a primary train station located in the eastern part of Porto, Portugal, and acts as a major transport hub for the region. It offers a wide range of rail services, including Alfa Pendular, the country's fastest train connecting major cities like Lisbon and Braga with high-speed transit. Additionally, it hosts the Intercidades (InterCity) services which provide convenient long-distance travel across Portugal. Regional and suburban trains are readily available, catering to local travelers and those journeying to nearby towns. The facility also serves as an international gateway with trains to Spain. Despite the station's substantial size and importance, it maintains a user-friendly atmosphere with clear signage and helpful staff, ensuring a pleasant experience for both domestic and international passengers.

Location of Porto Campanhã train station

Arrival train station in Lisbon is: Oriente

Location map of Oriente train station in Lisbon

You can easily reach Oriente train station using the red line of the metro

Oriente railway station in Lissabon
Oriente railway station in Lissabon

In Lisbon, there are multiple train stations; however, the main hub for trains arriving from Porto is the Lisboa Oriente station. 

Lisbon view Santa Ana

Now let's get some general information about travelling by train in Portugal

The train is the best option for quick and comfortable travel from city to city. The tickets are slightly more expensive than bus tickets, but traveling by train in Portugal is slightly faster and less tiring

The state railway company is called Comboios de Portugal

Online booking and timetable can be found here → 

The different types of trains in Portugal

There are four different types of trains in Portugal:

---> Alpha-Pendular: These are the fastest trains. These are the most comfortable. This type of train is the most expensive. It primarily connects the north-south axis of the country, especially the cities of Porto and Lisbon. A reserved seat will be allocated upon purchase.

---> Intercidades: This train is a little slower because it stops more often than the alpha pendular. The trains are older and they are a little less comfortable.

---> Regional (R) and Interregional (IR): These simple trains mainly run short distances. Tickets cannot be purchased in advance or online.

---> Urban (U): These trains run in larger cities such as Lisbon and Porto. Tickets are purchased at machines or counters.

For example, the Porto - Lisbon railway line is served by the Alpha Pendular. 

Travelling in Portugal

Railway network in Portugal

Portugal railway map
Portugal railway map
Railway map Portugal - internationa  connections
Railway map Portugal - internationa connections

Buying a train ticket in Portugal

The Comboios De Portuga l website is in English and relatively easy to use. It is the easiest way to buy a train ticket in Portugal. There is also an app for iOS and Android to download. You can have the ticket sent to your cell phone via SMS or via the app and do not need to print it.

You can also buy your tickets at the train station counter, but it can sometimes be tight, especially if there is a long queue at the counter or, in the case of the alpha pendular express train (only with fixed seats), it is fully booked.

Travelling by train with luggage

Each passenger is allowed to bring one piece of luggage (such as a suitcase or backpack) plus one small bag such as a laptop bag or handbag. More than this may be considered excess baggage, but will not be strictly monitored. Luggage storage is usually done in a rack above the seats. In some trains e.g. B. On the Alpha pendular and IR long-distance trains, there is usually space for luggage at the entrance of each car or in the middle of the car.

If you plan to travel with very large suitcases, consider taking a bus instead as luggage is stored at the bottom of the bus. That's more convenient.

Discounts on train travel

There are discounts on trains in Portugal for:

  • Young people under 25 and European youth card: 25% discount
  • Group travel: travel as a group of 3 or 4 people on the Alfa Pendular or Intercidade trains and receive up to 50% discount.
  • Disabled people: up to 75% discount plus and 25% discount for the accompanying person
  • Seniors: People over 65 can sometimes receive a discount of up to 50%.
  • Half price tickets for children under 3 years old who do not occupy a seat.

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