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However, it is important to make the right decision when choosing a location for your vacation . To help you make this decision, we have created this page "The Best Places in Madeira" .

Here you will find information about the different holiday destinations in Madeira and their advantages and disadvantages. We hope to help you organize and choose a location for your vacation!

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The best places for the Madeira trip

Before you book your holiday to Madeira, you should get a brief overview of the regions and the most popular places. The island is very mountainous, and some places are therefore difficult to access or are located out of the way or on steep slopes without a large range of restaurants and leisure activities nearby. The island and the climate are wonderful for a holiday, but especially in Madeira, the choice of location is crucial for a successful holiday.

Funchal is the best location for your first visit to Madeira

If you are visiting the island of Madeira for the first time, Funchal is probably the best alternative location because from here you have the widest range of excursions and tours around the island.

On the second trip to Madeira, you can then book your favourite place on the island as a location, be it on the north coast or south coast.

Funchal is the capital of Madeira and is located in the southern part of the island. The city is beautifully located and offers many opportunities for shopping, eating and going out. There are hotels in abundance and in every price range. It is also an ideal location for day trips to the island's attractions. But there is a caveat: Funchal is also very touristy and often very crowded! If you are not a city dweller or are looking for a quieter alternative in nature, you should look at the alternatives to Funchal.

For visitors visiting the island for the second time, choosing a location is much easier and less risky because they already have better knowledge and understanding of the regions and places. 

Promenade from Funchal
Promenade from Funchal

Madeira Island: Holiday in the north or the south?

If you decide not to stay in Funchal , you should get an overview of the remaining regions of the island.

The north of the island is wild and has great nature, but the weather is a little more unstable and the tourist offer of restaurants, nightlife and nightlife, etc. is limited. The immediate proximity to spectacular nature makes up for this. The places on the north coast are good locations for hiking. They are quiet and ideal for relaxation. It has less traffic, the roads are mountainous and winding. However, there is now an express route with countless tunnels that makes it easier for you to get to your destination quickly.

The landscape on the north part of Madeira
The landscape on the north part of Madeira

In the south of Madeira the weather is better and the places are a little nicer. However, the mountains are omnipresent here too. The traffic here is much more intense than in the north. Especially on the expressway towards the capital Funchal. So if you are looking for a sunny place near the beach for your vacation, you should choose a place in the south of the island. But here too, in some places the range of restaurants and nightlife options is rather limited. The places have little space and are surrounded by mountains. Things always go up and down here too. Some visitors feel uncomfortable when they have to drive a rental car up steep streets and narrow alleys to their apartment or hotel. 

A town on the south coast of Madeira
A town on the south coast of Madeira

Beautiful places in the north of the island of Madeira

We recommend the following 6 places as locations in the north of the island of Madeira.

> Santana
Porto da Cruz
> Ponta Delgada & Arco de São Jorge
> Sao Vicente
> Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz: Located in the northwest of Madeira, Porto Moniz is a popular place for tourists. Here you can enjoy the natural swimming pool or take part in various activities such as windsurfing or diving.  

São Vicente is a small village in the north of the island, located in a valley where you can find caves of volcanic origin. The place is close to the coast, although the stretch of coast is quite wild and narrow. As a permanent location for the entire vacation, Sao Vicente is not the first choice. It is a suitable location for hikes into the center of the island.

Ponta Delgada & Arch of São Jorge. Both places are located on so-called fajas directly on the coast, i.e. on the escarpments of the mountains that reach directly into the sea and are used as a place for agricultural purposes. The nature is very beautiful and the environment is unique.

Both places are suitable locations for a quiet vacation . Ideal for trips to the surrounding area. Good accommodation available. Recommended!

Porto da Cruz - a cozy fishing village with surfing appeal, a small promenade, swimming pool and beach. Ideal as a location for an active and at the same time quiet holiday. 

Santana - rather an unspectacular, agricultural place. However, it is suitable as a location for hikes and excursions. The local infrastructure (shopping, etc.) is good.

Map: the location of the top vacation spots on the north coast of Madeira

Top accommodation on the north coast of Madeira

  1. Dom Pedro Madeira Hotel
  2. White Waters Hotel
  3. Hotel Quinta do Lorde
  4. Hotel Costa Linda
  5. Hotel Vila Bela
  6. Jaca Hostel
  7. Quinta do Furão
  8. Pestana Quinta Do Arco
  9. Monte Mar Palace Hotel
  10. The Waves Apartments & Hostel
  11. Estalagem do Mar
  13. Aqua Natura Bay
  14. Perola Views Inn
  15. Hotel Euro Moniz
  16. Hotel Salgueiro
  17. Aqua Natura Madeira Hotel

Beautiful places in the south of the island of Madeira

We recommend the following 6 locations in the south of the island (outside Funchal).

> Calheta
> Ponta do Sol
> Ribeira Brava
> Camara dos Lobos
> Garajau
> Canico
> Machico

Calheta: Located in the south of Madeira, Calheta is a place for sun worshipers. There is an artificial sandy beach that is protected, making it ideal for children to swim. There are a few restaurants at the marina, otherwise there is little variety and little infrastructure. Seems a bit artificial.

Ponta do Sol: The small, friendly town is located directly by the sea. It's quite tight and parking spaces are in short supply. Accommodations are available. Variety and infrastructure not so much.

Ribeira Brava - Busy place with good infrastructure right on the coast. Nice beach promenade. More variety than in the other places.

Camara dos Lobos - Is a place steeped in history, closely linked to the settlement of the island. Located on an attractive little bay with many colorful fishing boats. Good infrastructure for shopping and eating. 

Canico - located in the catchment area of ​​the capital Funchal. There is a good selection of hotels and infrastructure here. Beautiful coastal landscape. Good connection to the capital Funchal.

Garajau - Garajau is a small community on the island of Madeira with a well-known Christ the Redeemer statue that offers scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is famous for its marine reserve, which reveals a rich underwater world to divers and snorkelers. The rocky coast and clear waters make the place particularly attractive, complemented by cozy localities for the physical well-being of visitors.

Machico - Although it is on the coast, it is not a real vacation spot for a beach vacation. Good infrastructure with shopping opportunities and restaurants. Suitable as a location for trips to the mountains, Ponta de São Lourenço or the north coast.

The best hotels on the south coast

The southern region of Madeira is characterized by a more extensive hotel landscape compared to the rest of the island. Due to the diverse selection, we have created a dedicated page for the accommodations in this area. Please take a moment to look at the hotel offer.

Attention: this map does not show the hotels from Funchal

  1. Hotel Jardim Atlantico
  2. Hotel Jardim do Mar
  3. Hotel Atrio
  4. Quinta Alegre
  5. Socalco Nature Hotel
  6. Calheta Beach - All-inclusive
  7. Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa
  8. Enotel Sunset Bay
  9. Hotel do Campo
  11. Hotel Quinta da Serra
  12. Pestana Churchill Bay
  13. Quinta Splendida Wellness & Botanical Garden
  14. Hotel Alpino Atlantico
  15. Sentido Galomar
  16. Sentido Galosol
  17. Hotel Cais da Oliveira
  18. Roca Mar Hotel
  19. Hotel Royal Orchid
  20. Hotel Riu Madeira
  21. Four Views Oasis
  22. Hotel Vila Galé Santa Cruz
  23. Santa Cruz Village Hotel
  24. Hotel Solar Bom Jesus
  25. Albatroz Beach & Yacht Club
  26. Dom Pedro Madeira Hotel
  27. White Waters Hotel

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