Algarve water temperature

Be careful with false expectations!

It happens that visitors were surprised by the rather cool water temperatures in Portugal .

Although Portugal is a southern European country, it is not located on the Mediterranean . The Portuguese coast lies on the Atlantic between latitudes 37N and 41N and the Portuguese coast lacks a warm Gulf Stream, which, like on the French Atlantic coast, brings warmer water.

When is the best time to swim in the Algarve? 

The best time for swimming in the Algarve is in the summer and autumn months, i.e. from June to October inclusive.

In summer, water temperatures in the Algarve fluctuate between 21 and 24 degrees, which is pleasant compared to the typical 17-19 degrees of the northern Portuguese coast. In summer, swimming in the sea is pleasantly refreshing, especially when the ambient temperatures are hot.

Praia do Alvor
Praia do Alvor

Current water temperature Algarve 

Sea water temperature

Sea Water temperature in the Algarve

average sea water temperature Algarve
average sea water temperature Algarve