Discovering the Algarve without a car

Travelling with public transport in the Algarve

How do you get around in the Algarve without a car? You will find that not only is it very cheap, but it is also relatively easy to get around the cities of the Algarve using public transport. However, the Algarve without a car can be limiting - especially if you want to visit remote parts of the Algarve (e.g. some of the beaches or the west coast). Remember that except for the densely populated strip along the coast, the hinterland is less densely populated and there are correspondingly fewer connections.

Bus travel in the Algarve 

The cheapest option is traveling by bus, but it is slower compared to a train journey. The main bus company in the Algarve is Eva, which serves almost all regions and cities. The journey from Faro to Portimao (approx. 60 km) takes approximately 2 hours as the bus stops in several cities.

Eva Transportes is the bus company in the Algarve, with the best local bus services. You can also buy a tourist pass which is valid for a period of 3 days (approx. €30) or unlimited for 7 days (approx. €38), which is a good deal with excellent value for money.

You can check schedules and buy tickets at: 

Rede Expresso :   https://www.rede-expressos.pt/default.aspx

Eva Transportes:   https://eva-bus.com

Eva Bus Portugal
Eva Bus Portugal

EVA Tourist Pass Algarve

Travel the whole Algarve, discover and enjoy the different places. With just one card you can travel across the region on the vast intercity transport network, either with EVA Transportes or Frota Azul Algarve. The Tourist Pass is available for 3 or 7 days, WITHOUT LIMIT on the number of trips. Go to one of the EVA Transportes or Frota Azul Algarve ticket offices to purchase this ticket.

The prices: 3 DAY TOURIST PASS: €30.50 or 7 DAY TOURIST PASS: €38.20

Train travel in the Algarve

The train is the best option for quick and comfortable travel from city to city. The train runs parallel to the coast and is the perfect option for daytime walks. The tickets are slightly more expensive than bus tickets, but travel is slightly faster and less strenuous. It's also worth noting that some cities have train stations several kilometers away from the city proper. But don't worry: taxis are waiting at most train stations and can quickly take you to the next city. The Algarve cities with train stations are Lagos, Portimão, Faro, Olhão, Tavira and Monte Gordo.

You can check schedules and buy tickets at:  https://www.cp.pt/passageiros/en

Comboios de Portugal
Comboios de Portugal

Train network Algarve

train network in the Algarve
train network in the Algarve

Taxi in the Algarve

Taxi in Portugal
Taxi in Portugal

Portuguese taxis are easy to spot - they are usually black and green. There are taxi stands all over the city center, outside large hotels and in the resorts. They are a quick, inexpensive and convenient way to get around, especially in cities. Most taxis only take up to 4 passengers. Family taxis for a 6-seater or 8-seater should be booked in advance. Uber is also available in the Algarve. However, Uber is currently focusing mainly on the particularly touristy areas of the Algarve such as Faro, Albufeira etc

From the Algarve to Lisbon

The journey to Lisbon takes approximately 3 hours and can be done by bus or train from most cities in the Algarve.

From the Algarve to Spain

How to get from Seville to Portugal by bus? Since there is no direct train connection, the bus is the best option between Seville (Spain/Andalusia) and Portugal. In summer there is more daily supply between Andalusia and the Algarve. Therefore, it is always better to consult the company's websites. The journey from Seville to Tavira or Faro takes about 3 hours.

Please remember: there is a one hour time difference between Portugal and Spain.

 Alsa:    https://www.alsa.es

Damas:   https://www.damas-sa.es