Funchal basket ride


The basket rides of Funchal

In Madeira there is a very special way of getting around: the basket cart. These wicker structures with wooden "skates" have become a symbol of the island, and there is nothing better than experiencing them for yourself once in your life. The experience consists of descending two kilometers from Monte (the highest municipality in Funchal) to the terminus of Livramento. Passengers sit in two- or three-seat basket cars and are pushed along the sloping and winding roads by carreiros, who wear rubber-soled boots to slow down when necessary.

Madeira's basket carts are an old form of public transportation on the island of Madeira. They were originally used by local residents who wanted to travel quickly from the municipality of Monte to the city of Funchal. Today it is more of an attraction for tourists.

The tour begins below the steps of the Igreja do Monte and is the ideal complement to the funchal cable car ride up the mountain. Located at 550 m above sea level above the city of Funchal, Monte is a well-known place for its beauty, lush and beautiful gardens and magnificent views. It used to be a health resort due to its therapeutic climatic properties. The town of Monte is one of the most striking areas of Funchal and is therefore a must-see for tourists, not only for its history but also for its panoramic views over Funchal Bay 

The bay of Funchal

Practical information about the basekt ride

The starting point for the ride is the town of Monte

Adresse : Caminho do Monte Nr. 4

Monday - Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. / Sunday: closed

Basket sled price

Route: Monte - Livramento (2km)

1st person 2nd person 3rd person - 25 EUR - 30 - EUR45

Directions from Funchal to Monte

  • Taxi: Caminho do Monte No. 4
  • Bus: No. 20 No. 21 No. 48
  • Cable car: Funchal-Monte (buy one-way ticket only)