Porto Airport transfer by metro

Airport transfer by metro in Porto: A comprehensive guide

With this comprehensive guide, your transfer from the airport to Porto city center should be smooth and informed, allowing you to start your trip to this charming Portuguese city stress-free.

Step 1: Find the metro station at the airport

Once you arrive at Porto Airport, follow the signs to the metro station, which is located just outside the terminal building. The signs are clearly visible, so you should have no problem finding the station.

The sign of the metro in Porto
The sign of the metro in Porto

Step 2: Buy a ticket (see detailed instructions for the Andante ticket below)

Before entering the metro, you must buy a ticket. The Porto metro system uses the rechargeable Andante card, which is available from the machines in the station. These machines accept both cash and cards.

  1. Select ticket type: Choose the "Z4" ticket, which covers the journey from the airport to the city center.
  1. Validate your ticket: After purchasing your ticket, you should validate it at one of the yellow validation machines at the entrance to the metro platform.


Porto Metro: the route network

Porto Airport is served by Metro Line E

Trains run every 20-30 minutes from about 06:00 to 01:00.

The journey from the airport to the city center takes approximately 25-35 minutes.

Line E passes through several important stops before reaching the city center.

  1. Popular stops on the way to the city center:
  • Trindade: A central hub where various metro lines intersect.
  • Bolhão: Close to shopping districts and popular attractions such as the Mercado do Bolhão.
  • São Bento: Ideal if you want to visit historical sites such as the iconic São Bento train station.
  1. Final destination: Determine your final destination before boarding. Trindade is a convenient transfer point if you need to take another line.

The Ticket - Andante

The Andante card is a rechargeable card and costs 60 cents. You buy the card from the machines. You can then load journeys onto the card.

The Porto Metro Card "Andante"
The Porto Metro Card "Andante"

The Andante ticket is an electronic ticket system for public transport in the Porto region, including buses, trams and the metro.

There are single tickets for individual journeys and multi-journey tickets for several journeys within a set period of time. In addition, day, weekly and monthly tickets are available for longer stays or commuters.

The Andante ticket is easy to use. Tickets can be purchased before the journey from vending machines in metro stations, bus stations and other transport hubs. It is also possible to use the Andante chip on a contactless card and top it up easily.

It is important to keep the Andante ticket for the entire journey, as it must be presented during inspections. The ticket is not transferable.

Where can I buy the Andante ticket?

At vending machines at all stations in the network

The card is only valid for 1 person. Make sure the card does not get damaged, scratched or wet. The card is reusable. Don't waste €0.60.

Important note: Do not forget to validate your ticket before you start your journey. There is no check at the entrance to see if you have a valid ticket. There are yellow boxes, so-called validators, where your card is validated contactlessly. If you do not do this, you are travelling "without a ticket", which is checked regularly and can be expensive.

Zone classification for the journey from the airport to the city centre

To understand the transfer by metro from Porto Airport (Francisco Sá Carneiro) to the city center, it is important to know the zones of the metro network. The airport is in zone 4, while Porto city center, for example, includes zones 1 and 2.

Specific zone division for the journey from the airport to the city center:

  • Porto Airport (OPO): Zone 4
  • City centre (central stops such as Trindade, Bolhão, São Bento): Zones 1 and 2

To get from Zone 4 to the city centre you need a z4 ticket which allows you to travel through the following zones:

  • Zone 4 (airport)
  • Zone 3: For travel between the more distant districts and the centre
  • Zone 2: One of the central city zones
  • Zone 1: The actual city centre of Porto

A z4 ticket covers these zones and allows you to travel smoothly from the metro station at the airport to the heart of the city.

With this information, you are well prepared for your stay in Porto. Take advantage of the benefits of the Porto Card and enjoy a stress-free and comfortable exploration of the city.

Porto city Card - the practical alternative

The Porto city card is very popular with tourists. This combination card allows you to use public transport without restrictions and at the same time offers free or reduced entry to many attractions in Porto. With the Porto Card you can explore the city's most beautiful attractions and use local transport conveniently and inexpensively.

A 4-day ticket costs around 8 euros per day, which is quite cheap compared to single tickets. You can also purchase the Porto Card before your trip. This saves you valuable time on site and ensures a relaxed arrival in Porto.

Ribeira do Porto

Additional tips

  • Luggage: The metro is spacious but can be crowded during rush hours. Be careful with your luggage.
  • Accessibility: Stations and trains are designed for travelers with reduced mobility.
  • Safety: Porto is generally considered safe, but stay alert, especially in crowded areas.