The best bridges in Portugal

Hey there, bridge enthusiast!

Ready to be wowed by the stunning bridges of Portugal? Picture this: golden sunsets, rolling hills, and rivers elegantly spanned by feats of architectural brilliance. Portugal is not just about tantalizing port wine and captivating Fado music; it's also home to some of the most breathtaking bridges you'll ever lay eyes on.

From the iconic spans in Porto that stitch the city's vibrant hillsides together to the sleek, modern designs that lead you over serene waters, these masterpieces are not just about getting from A to B; they're about enjoying the journey with style and grace.So, slip on some comfy shoes and grab your camera. 

We're about to dive into a visual feast of Portuguese ingenuity—each bridge telling its own story, each view better than the last. Trust me, these are the sights that postcards and cherished memories are made of!

Ready for the journey? Let's go explore the best bridges Portugal has to offer. And hey, I have a hunch that you'll be planning your next holiday destination in no tim 

516 Arouca Bridge

The biggest pedestrian bridge in the world!

With 516 meters in length and an elevation of 175 meters, it connects the banks of the Paiva River. As you walk across the bridge, you will have a stunning view over the Garganta do Paiva and the Aguieiras Waterfall, both geosites within the UNESCO Arouca Geopark territory.

Map of the best bridges in Portugal
including driving directions

  1. Ponte Românica de Vilar de Mouros
  2. Ponte Nova da Cava da Velha
  3. Ponte da Barca
  4. Ponte de Rodas
  5. Ponte de Prado
  6. Ponte de Barcelos
  7. Ponte de Prozelo
  8. Ponte de Mem Gutierres
  9. Ponte da Misarela
  10. Ponte Romana
  11. Stone bridge over Tuela river
  12. Ponte romana de Izeda - Santulhão
  13. Ponte Românica
  14. Ponte de Cavez do Rio Tâmega
  15. Ponte Velha de Vizela
  16. Ponte de Lagoncinha
  17. Ponte da Arrábida
  18. Ponte Dom Luís I
  19. Ponte de São Gonçalo
  20. Ponte de Ucanha
  21. 516 Arouca Bridge
  22. Ponte do Seda
  23. Ponte Vasco da Gama
  24. Ponte 25 de Abril
  25. Roman bridge over Odivelas brook
  26. Ponte de Mértola
  27. Ponte Romana de Tavira
ponte vasco da gama lisboa
ponte vasco da gama lisboa
Dom Luis bridge Porto
Dom Luis bridge Porto