Alentejo tour landscape & traditions


This tour is perfectly suited for travellers using a rental car.

Map of the Alentejo Tour - landscape and traditions 

Highlights of this Tour:

Welcome to the beautiful Alentejo region, an area rich with history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes that we will explore together. Here's a brief description of each stop on our tour:

1. Évora: 

We begin our journey in one of Portugal's most charismatic cities, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Évora is renowned for its well-preserved Roman Temple and the impressive Évora Cathedral.

2. Menhir dos Almendres: 

The Menhir dos Almendres is a mysterious prehistoric megalith that makes us wonder about the ancient significance of this stone structure.

3. Almendres Cromlech: 

Not far from the menhir, the Almendres Cromlech is Europe's largest stone circle, an awe-inspiring testament to human presence dating back to the Neolithic period.

4. Castle of Arraiolos: 

This unique circular castle accents the landscape of Arraiolos. It offers a fascinating history and spectacular views across the region.

5. Cortiçarte - Art in Cork Lda.: 

The art of cork processing is celebrated in this workshop. Be surprised by the diversity and the applications of cork as a sustainable material.

6. Castle of Evoramonte: 

The imposing Evoramonte Castle stands tall over the land, offering a panoramic view. Its architecture is a perfect example of the Renaissance period in Portugal.

7. Reguengos de Monsaraz: 

A visit to Reguengos allows us to discover the wine culture of Alentejo, with the option to taste some of the region's finest wines.

8. Olaria M. Beijinho, Lda.: 

Learn more about the traditional craft of pottery and watch as master craftsmen create impressive ceramic goods.

9. Monsaraz: 

this picturesque hilltop village is known for its medieval walls, white houses, and stunning views over the Alqueva reservoir.

10. Mourão: 

Another stop full of history and culture, with a striking fortress that watches over the calm waters of the great lake.

11. Amieira: 

A quiet place to enjoy nature and delicious local cuisine, with views of the tranquil waters of the Alqueva reservoir.

12. Barragem de Alqueva: 

As one of Europe's largest artificial lakes, the Alqueva reservoir provides a dramatic backdrop for outdoor activities and relaxation.

13. Castelo de Portel: 

The castle of Portel is a prominent example of medieval architecture, proudly perched above the town of the same name.

14. Viana do Alentejo: 

A charming town with a beautiful castle and an impressive church, adorned with azulejos (typical Portuguese tiles).

15. Paço dos Henriques: 

To conclude our tour, we visit the Paço dos Henriques in Alcáçovas, where significant historical treaties were signed, providing deep insight into the history of Portugal.