Lisbon airport arrivals and departures

Lisbon Airport - current arrivals and departures 

You can view the current departure and arrival times on the AIRPORT LISBON Below you will find links to the pages.

Alternatively, you can also use a flight tracking app to stay up to date. Here we have put together some helpful tips for you.

Lisbon Airport - ARRIVAL today

Lisbon Airport - DEPARTURE today


PortugalExpert tipp

Track flights live wit Flight Radar 24

The Flight Radar application provides a user-friendly platform to track flights worldwide in real time. With the ability to search for aircraft by flight code, airline or origin/arrival location, users can view the exact location of flights on an interactive world map. Additional information such as flight details, speed, altitude and estimated arrival time are available with just one click. The website also provides custom alerts for specific flights and stores past flight histories and statistics.

There are several similar apps e.g .: FlightAware, Plane Finder, Flightradar+ and RadarBox24. 

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