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Guide to public transport in Madeira

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Public transport by bus on the island of Madeira includes city connections (especially in the capital Funchal) and intercity transport to various towns on the island.

There are 4-5 public bus companies and each of them requires different tickets. This can be rather confusing at first. In addition, some places are only served by one company, but some places are served by several bus companies. Timetables are sometimes difficult to decipher, so it may be easier to ask locally or check directions on apps.

The positive side is: the bus ticket prices in Madeira are cheap, and it is definitely a good option for a budget trip between some places on the island.

Interactive map with all bus destinations in the east and west of the island of Madeira

Information about the individual bus companies in Madeira

Bus company - A RODOESTE 

Office : Rua do Esmeraldo 50-52  /   9000-051 Funchal

Phone: 291 220 148

The following locations are served from Funchal

  1. Cape Girao
  2. Camara De Lobos
  3. Porto Moniz
  4. Ribeira Brava
  5. Sao Vicente
  6. Calheta
  7. Santana

Bus in Funchal to the Botanical Garden


Office: Travessa da Fundoa de Baixo 5, 9020 - 242 Funchal   →  Website

Interurban connections from HF

Destinations of HF's interurban service:

  • Camacha
  • Canico
  • Santo da Serra
  • Curral das Freiras
  • Poiso
  • Ribeiro Frio
  • Faial
  • Santana
  • Sao Jorge
  • Arch of São Jorge
  • Camacha-Santa Cruz
  • Santana - Porto da Cruz

City connections in Funchal from the bus company HF

Ticket prices:

Ticket purchased on board - €1.95
Pre-purchased ticket - €1.35 (1 ride)
Pre-purchased children's ticket - €0.70 (1 ride)
1-day ticket - €4.50
3-day ticket - €11.50
5-day ticket - €16.50
7-day ticket - €21.50
GIRO 24 adult ticket - €12.50
GIRO 24 children's ticket - €8.50

Day tickets / weekly tickets: GIRO 24 card for adults - €12.50 Individual title, valid for 24 consecutive hours from the first validation, on all inner-city and intercity connections , without travel restrictions. Exclusive sales at HF ​​sales and service points.

Information about bus trips in the center of Funchal 

The Eco Cidade Bus line serves the promenade and historic core of Funchal

The Cidade line is divided into two routes, lines 05 and 05B. 

Linha Eco Cidade buses 05 A and 05 B

Is a regular public transport service that serves the center of Funchal . This service is carried out by mini electric buses . The service is wheelchair accessible as the bus has a space for a wheelchair. You just have to raise your hand to stop the bus.

The city route 05 and 05 B

Route bus 05 and 05 B
Route bus 05 and 05 B

The "Promenade Route" 05 A

Route 05A, known as the Eco Cidade line, is a regular public transport service that serves the historic core of the city up to the Lido transport hub and, on some routes, serves Largo da Paz and the maritime terminal at the port of Funchal (Pontinha). This route is served by eco-friendly electric minibuses equipped for the comfort of people with reduced mobility, including a special area for a wheelchair.

How do I use the Eco Cidade line?

It's very simple: all you need to do is show your hand and the electric minibus will stop to give you a lift. There are no fixed stops, but safety-relevant aspects must be observed: Make sure to only stop the vehicle in clear and safe places and avoid using stop signs in unsuitable places such as under bridges, on curves, or in places that are blocked by legal parking Places, directly at traffic lights or on pedestrian crossings.

Route of bus route 05 A
Route of bus route 05 A

Verkaufsautomaten für Fahrscheine von HF

Anadia -Rua Visconde Anadia, CC Anadia - Shopping, Shop 6 - Open daily from 8am to 10pm.

Teleférico - -Avenida do Mar (next to the cable car station) -Open daily from 7:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m

Alfandega - Avenida do Mar (next to custom house) Open daily from 7:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m

Marina -Avenida do Mar (next to Marina) -Open daily from 7:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m

Loja do Cidadão (Citizen's Shop) - Avenida Arriaga 42-Ar/c 9000-064Funchal - Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to ~7:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m

Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça - Avenida Luis de Camões, 57 - 9004-514 Funchal - Open 24 hours

SAM bus company

The SAM bus company serves locations within Funchal and to various locations in the eastern part of the island

SAM route network and timetable→ See the SAM route network and time table 

Fares: → See the fares here

Ticket purchase or sales points in Funchal: 

Anadia - Centro Comercial Anadia Shopping - Loja nº6
Monday to Friday: 08h30 - 19h00 / Saturday, Sunday and Special Days (Holidays): Closed

Pinga ~Avenida do Mar
Monday to Friday: 08h30 - 18h30 / Saturdays, Sunday and Special Days(Holidays): 08h30 - 16h30

Marina - Avenida do Mar / Monday to Friday: 09h00 - 13h00 and 14h00 - 18h00
Saturday and Special Days(Holidays): 08h30 - 16h30
Sunday: 08h30 - 15h30 

   to the SAM Website 

SAM Aerobus to the airport - Further information can be found here →   AIRPORT transfer

Eacl bus company

Office: Rua D. Carlos I, n.º 8 - 1º andar, 9060-051 Funchal

Tel: 291 222 558   email: info@eacl.pt

→  go to the Website 

Taxi with fixed price guarantee

Taxi voucher with fixed price

Taxi vouchers are also offered with a fixed price for excursions to four different locations in Madeira. More information here. You can buy the taxi voucher either online oor in the Airport Store on Floor 0 (Arrivals Hall).

 →  Website