Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo statue

The Cristiano Ronaldo statue in Madeira

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world's most famous soccer players, now has a statue depicting him. The sculpture in Funchal depicts Ronaldo normally taking free kicks - with his arms open and facing the goal. It is 3.40 meters tall and weighs 800 kilos and was created by the Madeiran sculptor Ricardo Veloza . According to Veloza, the most difficult part of the statue was the face, as it has different expression lines that Ronaldo wanted to have. However, the athletes' bodies were perfect. Ronaldo himself said that the statue is more beautiful than him. 

The CR7 statue has a "bulge" in his pants

The Ronaldo statue shows a "bulge in the private area" of the ace. This is obviously interesting for visitors to take photos and selfies. This special area of ​​the statue is being touched by more and more tourists with their hands.

Therefore, the statue needs to be polished regularly in these areas . 

Location of the Cristiano Ronaldo Staute

The statue stands on the Praca do Mar in front of the Cristiano Romaldo Museum.

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The CR 7 Museum

The new CR7 Museum is the ideal opportunity for all Cristiano Ronaldo fans to experience the superstar's greatest moment up close! Whether you're a true expert or have never heard of CR7 before, the museum has something for everyone! To get you started, there is interactive content to refresh and supplement your knowledge of Ronaldo. Then you'll find a wall full of trophies, as well as photos and videos from the most important moments of his career.

Ronaldo statue inauguration ceremony in 2014

The inauguration ceremony of the statue in Funchal took place in 2014. His family, friends and fans were there and many of his admirers came to see Ronaldo in person. 

Happy visitors of Madeira searching for Ronaldo