Alentejo castle tour


This tour is perfectly suited for travelers using a rental car.

Tour to the finest castles of the Alentejo

We have created a wonderful tour for you that will take you to the remarkable historical sites and castles in the Alentejo.  For a relaxing experience, we recommend that you plan at least three days for this exploration tour. You can find accommodation for your stay in the list below.

Map of the tour: Castles of the Alentejo


 Castles of the Alentejo tour: highlights

Welcome to Alentejo, the land of silent expanses, rolling hills and witness to historic times. Every castle here tells a story, embedded in stone, just waiting to be discovered. 


Enter the world of Arraiolos , high and proudly towering over the town of the same name. With its sturdy walls and unique circular floor plan, it is a testament to 14th century military architecture. From these heights you will have a breathtaking panorama of the soft carpets of greenery and the famous hand-woven carpets that gave this place its name.

Évora Monte

Évora Monte – known less as a castle and more as a mansion – is no less impressive. With its impressive white facades and ornamental elements, it offers a romantic view that is in complete contrast to the more pristine fortresses in the area. It merges almost magically with the surrounding Alentejo landscape.


Borba Castle rises powerfully from the heart of a town whose charm lies in its narrow streets and 16th and 17th century houses. The imposing walls and towers of this medieval fortress offer a deep insight into Portugal's military past.


In Estremoz , known for its exceptional white marble, the sturdy fortifications herald battles and triumphs. Stand on the battlements of the mighty towers and let your gaze wander over the endless vineyards - a sight that calms the soul and uplifts the heart.

Vila Viçosa

Vila Viçosa offers a magnificent castle that was formerly the residence of the Dukes of Bragança. The magnificent building from the 16th and 17th centuries stands in vivid contrast to the simple beauty of the Alentejo landscape and tells stories of splendor and nobility.


The fortress of Alandroal is a reminder of the times when Portugal's borders were still fiercely contested. The majestic towers, once built to protect against invading troops, now offer a spectacular panorama of the surrounding plains and rivers.


With its partially preserved fortress, Redondo reflects its strategic importance during the Reconquista. Surrounded by fertile fields and rolling hills, the historic ramparts are a silent guardian of the region's traditions and stories.


Hidden in the rugged landscape lies Valongo , whose castle, although in ruin status, still stands as a firm presence amidst the wild beauty of the Alentejo wilderness. The remains of the castle are ideal for reflecting on times gone by in the peace and quiet of nature.


And finally, Évora , UNESCO World Heritage Site and cultural heart of the Alentejo. Its exceptionally well-preserved Roman temple ruins, medieval walls and magnificent Gothic cathedral provide a magnificent backdrop to the mighty 14th-century castle. The inclusive atmosphere of its streets and squares, interwoven with history and beauty, is almost magical.


Accommodation on this tour of Alentejo

For this tour we recommend considering the accommodations at the Pousadas de Portugal . With their tasteful architecture in historical buildings, they fit perfectly into the overall picture of this tour.

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