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What time is it in Portugal?

Here you will get a crash course on the Portuguese time zones and how they work. You'll find out what time zones there are in Portugal, what they mean and how to use them.

What time zone is Portugal in?

Time in Central Europe: Central European Time (CET) applies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other Central European countries. One hour is added to UTC. Central European Summer Time (CEST), which applies in summer , is obtained by adding two hours to UTC

Time in Portugal: Western European Time (WET) , also known as Greenwich Time, is used in Portugal.

Western European Time (WET ) is used in Portugal  

Image source: Wikipedia
Image source: Wikipedia

How many time zones are there in Portugal?

There are two different time zones in Portugal . The first is " Mainland Portugal including Madeira " and the second is " the Azores Islands"


Time difference to Portugal (continent)

Central European countries: 

  • The time difference between France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria ( and other central European countries) and Portugal including Madeira is one hour. i.e. in Germany, Switzerland and Austria the time is one hour later than in Portugal.

  • The time difference between France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria and the AZORES islands is 2 hours. i.e. in Germany, Switzerland and Austria the time is 2 hours later than in the Azores

To the UK:  Essentially, throughout the year, there is no time difference between Portugal and the United Kingdom, which makes planning travel and communication between these two locations quite convenient for travelers and businesses alike.

The standard time difference from Portugal to major cities globally:


  • New York, USA (EST): Portugal is 5 hours ahead.
  • Los Angeles, USA (PST): Portugal is 8 hours ahead.
  • Toronto, Canada (EST): Portugal is 5 hours ahead.
  • São Paulo, Brazil (BRT): Portugal is 3 hours ahead.
  • Mexico City, Mexico (CST): Portugal is 6 hours ahead.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (ART): Portugal is 3 hours ahead.


  • London, UK (GMT/BST*): Portugal has the same time.
  • Berlin, Germany (CET): Portugal is 1 hour behind.
  • Paris, France (CET): Portugal is 1 hour behind.
  • Moscow, Russia (MSK): Portugal is 3 hours behind.


  • Beijing, China (CST): Portugal is 8 hours behind.
  • Tokyo, Japan (JST): Portugal is 9 hours behind.
  • Mumbai, India (IST): Portugal is 5.5 hours behind.
  • Dubai, UAE (GST): Portugal is 4 hours behind.


  • Cape Town, South Africa (SAST): Portugal is 2 hours behind.
  • Cairo, Egypt (EET): Portugal is 2 hours behind.


  • Sydney, Australia (AEDT): Portugal is 10 hours behind.
  • Auckland, New Zealand (NZDT): Portugal is 12 hours behind.

Brief explanation of terms: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the UNIVERSAL TIME

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is an internationally standardized time standard used worldwide as a reference for time measurement. UTC is a coordinated time measure that ensures consistent time across different time zones. It is based on an atomic clock and is derived from International Atomic Time (TAI).

UTC is often used as a replacement for the previously used Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Unlike GMT, which was based only on the Earth's rotation, UTC takes into account the irregularities of the Earth's rotation and maintains accurate timekeeping.

The term "coordinated" universal time indicates that UTC is used as the basis for calculations and communication at the international level. UTC is adjusted by adding leap seconds to account for earth movement and ensure accurate timekeeping.

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