Porto tram

The historic tram in Porto - a journey into the past

The Porto tram is one of the oldest electrified transport systems in Europe. It had its heyday in the first half of the 20th century and was slowly replaced by faster and cheaper means of transport. Today, the historic tram still runs on three remaining lines that run through the city's most emblematic areas.

What is the best way to travel by tram from Porto? 

Tram fares in Porto:

There are several ways to purchase cheap tram tickets in Porto . On the one hand, there is the €3 ticket for one journey or the €6 ticket for two journeys on the same day. For those who want to stay longer in the beautiful city, there is also a 2-day ticket for €10 (adults) or €5 (children). These cards can be purchased on board the tram, in hotels, travel agencies or selected kiosks.

> Tip: If you travel on all of Porto's tram lines and want to get on and off at any time without having to pay for a new ticket, I recommend the combination ticket for Porto tram + Guindai's funicular + tourist bus. This ticket gives you unlimited access to all of our excellent tram lines for 24 hours!

The 3 historic tram lines in Porto

There are still 3 historic tram lines in Porto, which can be used to visit the city's most important sights.

In this article you will learn everything about these 3 lines and the respective attractions 

Tram in Porto - Line 1

(Infante-Massarelos - Passeio Alegre)

Drives along the Douro River to its mouth

A ride on Line 1 of Porto's historic tram is more than just a ride around the city. It offers wonderful views of the city and takes you to the best sights along the Douro River.

You can visit the following sights with line 1

  1. Casa do Infante - museu da cidade
  2. Ponte Dom Luís I
  3. Kirche São Francisco
  4. Palácio da Bolsa
  5. Markt Ferreira Borges
  6. Cais de Gaia
  7. Museum of Transport and Communication
  8. Tram Museum
  9. Ponte da Arrábida
  10. Viewpoint Santa Catarina
  11. Jardim do Cálem
  12. Jardim do Passeio Alegre
  13. Fortaleza de São João da Foz

Tram in Porto - line 18

Circular line ↪ Massarelos - Carmo - Massarelos

This line 18 connects the upper city of Porto with the "lower city", i.e. the districts along the Douro River. During the journey you have a wonderful view over Gaia (at Rua da Restauração). 

Tram line 18 runs through some of the best neighborhoods in Porto. Line 18 is usually less crowded than the other historic tram lines in Porto, but the first stop (Carmo) in Jardim da Cordoaria can get a little more crowded. 

You can visit the following sights with line 18 

  1. Igreja do Carmo
  2. Livraria Lello
  3. Piolho
  4. João Chagas Park
  5. Clérigos Tower
  6. Passeio das Virtudes
  7. Soares dos Reis
  8. Jardins do Palácio de Cristal
  9. Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett
  10. Museu da Cidade - Extensão do Romantismo
  11. Tram Museum
  12. Art & City

Tram in Porto - line 22

Circular line ↪ Carmo - Bathalha. Carmo

You can visit the following sights with line 22 

  1. Funicular dos Guindais
  2. Teatro Nacional São João
  3. Batalha Square
  4. Igreja de Santo Ildefonso
  5. Café Majestic
  6. ViaCatarina Shopping
  7. Coliseu do Porto
  8. Teatro Rivoli
  9. Avenida dos Aliados
  10. Igreja da Santíssima Trindade
  11. Praça de Dona Filipa de Lencastre
  12. Rua da Galeria de Paris
  13. Livraria Lello
  14. Igreja do Carmo
  15. Piolho
  16. João Chagas Park
  17. Clérigos Tower
  18. Igreja de Santo António dos Congregados
  19. Kathedrale von Porto
  20. Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar
  21. Jardim do Morro
  22. Portuguese Centre of Photography
  23. MMIPO - Museu da Misericórdia do Porto