Lisbon best beaches

The best beaches in Lisbon

In the Lisbon area, you'll find the beaches neatly tucked into three main areas and locations:

  1. City beaches: First up, there are the beaches you can easily reach using public transport like buses or trains. These slices of paradise stretch from Lisbon's coast all the way to Cascais, winning the hearts of both locals and visitors.
  2. North of the city beaches: Secondly, we've got the pristine gems north of Lisbon, heading towards Sintra & Ericeira. These beaches are a natural wonderland, flaunting rugged beauty and providing a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  3. South of the city beaches: Last but not least, the beaches to the south of Lisbon, across the majestic Tagus River, are something to talk about. Famous for their expansive sands and charming fishing villages, this area radiates a captivating charm all its own.

Each pocket of the coastline serves up its blend of vibes and vistas. Whether you're all about riding the waves, lazing on the sand, or soaking up picturesque sunsets, Lisbon's beaches have a little magic for every taste. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your spot and dive into the beauty that awaits!

Overview of the best beach areas in Lisbon

  1. Sintra and Ericeira 
  2. Lisbon Cascais line
  3. Costa da Caparica
  4. Sesimbra
  5. Setubal, Serra da Arrabida and Troia

Carcavelos Beach

Photogallery beaches between Lisbon and Cascais

The best beaches near Lisbon downtown

Embark on a beach-hopping adventure from Lisbon to Cascais, with a 20–30-minute train ride from the centrally-located Cais do Sodré station. Breathe in the coastal charm of the Portuguese Riviera along a 20 km stretch, featuring 15 nice beaches, including the bustling Carcavelos. Find your perfect seaside retreat, as our map spotlights top picks for sun-seekers and wave-chasers alike.

All the beaches along this coastline:

  1. Cruz Quebrada beach
  2. Caxias Beach
  3. Praia de Paço de Arcos
  4. Praia de Santo Amaro
  5. Praia da Torre
  6. Carcavelos beach
  7. Avencas beach
  8. Praia de São Pedro do Estoril
  9. Praia da Azarujinha
  10. Poça Beach
  11. Tamariz Beach
  12. Praia da Rata
  13. Praia da Rainha
  14. Praia Nossa Senhora da Conceicao
  15. Praia da Ribeira

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