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Where is the island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean located?

The island of Madeira is located in the Atlantic Ocean, between Portugal (980 km from Lisbon) and about 600 km from the coast of Morocco. The Canary Islands are neighboring islands and are approximately 500 km away.

The location of the island Madeira
The location of the island Madeira

Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. It consists mainly of two inhabited islands - Madeira and Porto Santo - as well as other smaller islands that are uninhabited and include the Ilhas Desertas and the Ilhas Selvagens. Further key facts about Madeira:

  • Size of Madeira (main island): The island of Madeira covers an area of ​​approximately 741 square kilometers.
  • Population: The entire Madeira archipelago has around 267,785 inhabitants (as of 2021), the majority of whom live on the main island of Madeira.
  • Capital: Funchal is the capital of the autonomous region of Madeira and also the largest city in the archipelago.
  • Official language: Portuguese
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Climate: Madeira enjoys a mild subtropical climate, which brings pleasant weather conditions to the island all year round. In summer the average temperatures are around 23 degrees Celsius and in winter around 17 degrees Celsius.
  • Nature: The island is known for its unique flora and fauna, lush forests and the famous Laurisilva Forest, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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