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What is the weather like in Lisbon in March

The weather in Lisbon in March is less cool and humid than in the previous months of January and February. You will still have cloudy and rainy days during your stay, but it is already sunnier and more pleasant than in previous months. During the day, when the sun is shining (up to 20° C), it is now pleasantly warm; it continues to cool down at night. It is still necessary to have a sweater and jacket in your luggage.

The temperature in Lisbon in March: Lisbon now has an average maximum temperature of around 18 °C - 20 °C. It is pleasant when the sun is shining, at night the temperatures drop to 14 °C or sometimes below.

The sea temperature in February in March: If you want to swim or surf in the sea in the winter months, you will need a wetsuit because the water temperature at this time of year is still only 15 ° C.

Rainy days in Lisbon in March: There are fewer rainy days than in previous months, on average only 5 days are rainy and the sun shines on around 60% of the days in the month.

Sunny days in Lisbon in March: You can expect around 12 hours of daylight.

Average high and low temperature in March in Lisbon

Lisbon has an average daytime maximum temperature of around 18°C ​​in March. At night the temperatures drop to around 10 °C 

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Costa de Caparica near Lisbon

Daily chance of precipitation in Lisbon in March

Rainfall continues to decrease in March. Spring is coming. But the weather remains changeable.

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Water temperature in Lisbon in March

The water temperature of the Atlantic Ocean near Lisbon in March is around 14 C

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The current weather in Lisbon 

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