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Alentejo in spring

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4 day guided enduro motorcycle tour in the Porto district and the Douro Valley, Portugal

Explore the real Portugal on a thrilling 4-day enduro motorbike tour that takes you through the Porto district and the stunning Douro Valley . Offtrack - Premium Enduro Experiences welcomes you to an adventure that combines the natural beauty of Portugal and its cultural heritage. Your journey begins and ends in picturesque Amarante, located on the banks of the Tâmega. Your accommodation at Quinta da Pousadela not only offers cozy rooms with private bathrooms, air conditioning and television, but also an outdoor pool and free WiFi to make your stay perfect.

On the first day we welcome you with a welcome dinner and prepare you for the days ahead. On the second day you will explore the area around the Serra do Alvão on your motorbike , where you will encounter long-established herds of cattle that roam the depths of the valley and along impressive slopes. The third day takes you around the Serra do Marão , which will delight you with its slate, impressive granite formations and picturesque views. On the fourth day, your trip ends with the journey home.

In the famous Douro Valley , known for its terraced vineyards and port wine, you will experience moments you won't soon forget. While the route is suitable for enduro beginners, it also offers experienced bikers the opportunity to test their skills on challenging climbs and descents.

You will be guided by none other than Mário Patrão, a legend in Portuguese motorcycling with 25 national enduro titles, and P aulo Amado, an experienced enduro rider and national champion . At their side, you can gain valuable knowledge and in-depth experience.

The tour includes all meals and three nights' accommodation. The rental motorcycle provided allows you to ride along the scenic trails. This offer is the perfect mix of sporting challenge, cultural enjoyment and intact nature - a real enduro pleasure in the heart of Portugal.

4 days / 3 nights - From € 850

Landscape in Central Portugal

7 day guided enduro motorcycle tour from the north to the south in Portugal

Embark on an all-inclusive motorcycle tour through Portugal and experience an unforgettable enduro adventure. The best enduro trails take you across the country - from north to south you immerse yourself in the diversity of Portugal, get to know its culture and nature up close and enjoy the freedom on two wheels. With high- quality KTM motorcycles and complete equipment, you are well equipped; All meals are included so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience.

The journey starts in Amarante and takes you along carefully selected routes that range from the picturesque Quinta da Pousadela in Amarante to the sunny Algarve. The unique terrain offers the perfect challenge for both beginners and more experienced riders, tailored to individual abilities. On the way you will be accommodated in comfortable accommodation with modern facilities - peace and relaxation are guaranteed.

Paulo Amado, an experienced enduro rider and teacher, will accompany you on this journey and share more than 20 years of racing experience with you. His experience and guidance make the tour a safe and educational experience that doesn't miss out on fun.

After six nights of adrenaline and discovery, the tour concludes with a focus on individual feedback and adjustments, so each participant leaves with new skills and great memories. This all-inclusive motorcycle tour is a dream trip for enduro enthusiasts who want to expand both the country and their personal boundaries.

Program : Day 1 : Arrival Day 2: Quinta da Pousadela (Amarante) - Freixo de Espada à Cinta Day 3 : Freixo de Espada à Cinta - Idanha-a-Nova Day 4 : Idanha-a-Nova - Mora Day 5 : Mora - Cercal do Alentejo Day 6 : Cercal do Alentejo - Sagres (Algarve) Day 7: Departure

7 days / 6 nights From €2,995 

Travelling by scooter in Madeira

4 day guided enduro off-road quad, buggy and motorcycle tour in the Algarve

On this off-road tour you will cross 560 kilometers of pure variety in the Algarve - on a motorcycle, a quad or a buggy - 95 percent of which is off paved roads.

Your journey begins in São Bartolomeu de Messines and takes you through the heart of the Algarve to Santa Clara-a-Velha, via Vila do Bispo to the mountains of Monchique . Every day you can expect 120 to 140 kilometers of driving fun through some of the most magnificent corners of the region. You will experience the charm of the medieval town of Silves and the untouched landscapes of the Costa Vicentina Natural Park.

During the tour you will stay in carefully selected three-star hotels and bed & breakfasts that promise you rest and relaxation. And to make the adventure even more carefree, helmets and masks are available and you can rent additional protective equipment. With four lunches included, we also promise you a culinary experience.

As an advanced rider, you'll appreciate the challenge of the curves and unpaved paths. Little support is needed, but your skills are definitely challenged. We ensure that you can fully enjoy the Algarve's impressive off-road routes - and all at a fair price. Just note that you need a category A driving license for motorcycle tours.

Prepare for an experience that will reward you with unforgettable impressions and a real feeling of freedom.

4 days / 3 nightsFrom € 1,200 

Algarve close to Lagos

7 day guided enduro motorcycle tour in the north of Portugal

Discover the north of Portugal on a seven-day enduro motorcycle tour that leaves nothing to be desired. This ultimate experience takes you through the region's most spectacular mountains , traversing the famous Alto Douro wine regions and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Port Wine Region.

You are offered a high-performance rental motorcycle from KTM - optionally the 450, 350 or 250 models - which ensures pure driving pleasure on the demanding terrain. Equipment includes not only the usual protective clothing such as a helmet and body armor, but also knee pads, boots, a camelback for hydration and energy supplements to keep you going during the ride. All meals are included throughout the tour so you can fully concentrate on the adventure.

Your experienced instructor and guide is Paulo Amado , a veteran of the National Enduro Championship with an impressive career spanning over two decades, as well as numerous expeditions on national and international terrain.

You'll explore stunning areas including the Serra do Alvão, Serra do Marão and Serra de Montemuro. The tour also includes a visit to the stunning Alto Douro wine region, where in addition to the enduro experience, a wine tasting is also on the agenda. The combination of action and cultural experience makes this excursion a unique opportunity.

Accommodation during the tour is based at Quinta da Pousadela , a facility that combines luxury with rural charm, and also includes an overnight stay in the Douro region. All amenities, from daily cleaning to the outdoor pool, are designed with your well-being in mind, so that you can optimally recover after an eventful day.

The tour begins and ends in Amarante , where the hospitality and rich cultural heritage of Portugal will welcome and farewell you. The airport transfer is included for hassle-free arrival and departure from Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner, advanced or expert - the routes are adapted to your ability, allowing each participant to fully develop and develop their skills. No matter your driving background, this tour is designed to give every pilot an unforgettable experience.

7 days / 6 nightsFrom € 1,900 

River in Serra da Lousa

4 day guided enduro motorcycle tour in Lousã, Portugal

If you're looking for adventure on two wheels while experiencing the splendor of nature, then an enduro trip in the breathtaking Lousã region of Portugal is the perfect opportunity.

The trip promises an escape from everyday life with a series of unique and impressive moments and activities. You'll ride KTM's latest models and cover around 100 kilometers a day on epic off-road trails. Fully equipped with protective gear - from helmets and full body armor to off-road pants and hydration packs - you'll be ready for any challenge, while breakfast, lunch and dinner take care of your physical well-being.

You will be looked after by Joao and José, two experienced guides who will share their passion and expertise with you. They take you to the breathtaking viewpoints of the Lousã mountain range , lead you to the Senhora da Piedade , past the impressive rocks of Góis or to the Alto do Trevim and allow you to experience nature in close contact.

Your accommodation, the charming Small Schist House , is located in the heart of the Serra da Lousã and offers not only excellent comfort but also a deep connection to the stunning surrounding landscape. Whether exploring historic slate villages or enjoying crystal-clear river beaches, this landscape offers endless opportunities for recreation and leisure.

From beginners to experts, everyone will find the right routes and challenges on this tour. Paths already used by international events such as the International Six Days of Enduro or the World Rally Championship ensure a professional off-road driving experience.

The program involves you arriving at Porto airport on the first day and being transferred to the base in Lousã . On the following days, you will explore the region's diverse trails under professional guidance, take part in group meals and strengthen the community with your fellow travelers. On the last day, you round off the adventure with another tour before being transferred to Porto in time for the return flight.

4 days / 3 nightsFrom € 2,395 

Minho River

5 day guided enduro motorcycle adventure on the Costa Verde - Minho

Prepare for the ultimate off-road experience as you discover the art of enduro riding on Portugal's wild Costa Verde, known as the "Enduro Capital". With an unparalleled selection of trails, this five-day guided enduro motorcycle tour from Freeride Spirit is carefully curated to provide an unforgettable adventure for every adrenaline seeker - whether you prefer the muddy trails, daring over boulder fields or maneuvering through raging riverbeds.

Your journey begins with arrival at the airport in Porto , where a transfer will take you to the luxurious FeelViana Hotel in Viana do Castelo . With the support of Joao & José , your experienced and passionate instructors, you'll wind your way through the breathtaking landscapes of Portugal - over technical trails that take you to historic places and through hidden heritage sites.

Off-track, encounters with local wildlife, including wild horses, and discovering the Minho region's most picturesque villages await . And because a good trip also includes an excellent culinary experience, you can look forward to unique local specialties, served both in characteristic restaurants and in the hotel.

Your package includes both the latest KTM motorcycles and all the necessary protective gear so you can hit the trails safely and with complete confidence. Additionally, medical and third-party liability insurance is included, so you can fully focus on the adventure.

If your family and friends don't want to be on two wheels, but still want to be part of this experience, Freeride Spirit has thought of them too. The tours are designed to be family-friendly for those accompanying the riders and to integrate perfectly into the hotel's adventure and recreational offerings.

This enduro motorcycle tour is more than just an off-road sporting event - it is a cultural immersion, an encounter with the breathtaking nature of Portugal and a challenging ride that will remain in your memory. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced driver, someone with a passion for off-roading, everyone will get their money's worth here and experience an adventure that really has no comparison.

5 days / 4 nights From €2,995 

North Alentejo

7 day secret adventure guided motorcycle tour in Northern Portugal

Explore the breathtaking landscapes and untouched secrets of northern Portugal on a seven-day guided off-track motorcycle tour – Premium Enduro Experiences!

Your two-wheeled adventure begins at Quinta da Pousadela, a picturesque wine-producing property in Amarante that boasts an idyllic location, a gorgeous pool, and comfortable rooms.

As soon as you get on a BMW 750 GS or a similar model , a new adventure of around 200 kilometers long awaits you every day. Asphalted roads take you through the most spectacular areas of northern Portugal. You will cross the world-famous Douro Valley on the Port Wine Route , where an exclusive wine tasting awaits you. The Waterfalls Route reveals hidden natural wonders and the National Park Route offers breathtaking views of the Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês.

The sea and dune route lets you experience the wild coastline and gentle dune landscapes. On the vinho verde route you will visit a winery in Lamego and the tour will be rounded off with a discovery tour of Porto , a city full of history and cultural treasures.

The tour is suitable for you, regardless of whether you are a beginner, advanced or expert. After day trips, the Quinta da Pousadela offers you a quiet place to relax and reflect. Take time to sample the local gastronomy.

With full board, an impressive selection of routes and first-class support from the offtrack team, you have everything you need to experience northern Portugal in all its glory - one adventure, curve after curve.

7 days / 6 nightsFrom € 1,930 

Central Portugal 

4-day tour guided motorcycle holiday in Lagares

Experience an unforgettable motorcycling holiday in Portugal with a four-day tour that takes you to the heart of Lagares. From your base camp, the Excape Base Camp in Fonte Arcada, Penafiel, you will explore new off-road routes every day without repeats to gain the most exciting experiences. With an all-inclusive service, Excape takes care of all logistical aspects so you can concentrate on having fun.

The tour is characterized by challenging paths in Lagares and fascinating rides through slate paths, vineyards or pine forests. You are not alone: ​​in addition to mechanical support and off-road assistance, a spare motorcycle is available, and an experienced guide accompanies you to ensure that the adventure goes smoothly.

The accommodation at Excape Base Camp is designed to provide you with the highest level of comfort. Between exciting motorcycle tours, you can relax in the well-equipped rooms with air conditioning or reflect on the day in common areas such as the garden, the lounge or by the fireplace. Food is fully catered for, from local delicacies to refreshing drinks, everything is included.

No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, this motorcycle tour is suitable for you. As a beginner, you'll get the support you need to feel comfortable on unpaved roads and can try your hand at short climbs and descents. As an advanced driver, you will be challenged with more demanding routes and extreme curves where you can apply the experience you have already gained on off-road tracks.

On the first day of your arrival, you will be picked up from Porto Airport and taken to the hotel, where you can recover from the flight and prepare for the adventures ahead. In the evening there is a welcome meeting with a shared dinner. On the following two days you will spend every minute on the motorbike, enjoying the seemingly endless paths and the beautiful Portuguese landscape with its hidden treasures. After the eventful days, on the fourth day, after a final drive and lunch together, the transfer takes place back to Porto - with the memories of an unforgettable time on the off-road trails of Portugal in your luggage.

4 days / 3 nightsFrom € 1,100 

Early morning - rio Zezere in central Portugal

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